Wednesday, 17 February 2010

€29 million to control Guadarranque River

(Agencies / Image: GoogleMaps) The Junta's Government Council yesterday finally authorized the Environment Council to invest €29.1m for work aimed at preventing flooding of the Guadarranque River, principally at Estación de San Roque. The work, says a communiqué, will generate 50 direct  and 150 indirect jobs, will last 24 months and benefit 50,000 residents not only of Estación de San Roque but also of Jimena and Castellar. The project, which has been in demand for many years and part of the Junta's budget, will prevent the river from flooding avenues and streets that run alongside. It includes the construction of river bed along 2.5 kms and 130 metres wide, between the railway line and the CA-5121, a containment wall on the left bank, a pump station, as well as a 16,000 m3 water collector for use during storms such as those of recent notoriety. In addition, concrete waterways built parallel to the containment wall will allow for controlled drainage into the Guadarranque, as will several automatic back valves. The job will be completed by elevating several places on the road and the railway tracks.

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