Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Jimena Carnival dates

According to Wikipedia, "While the starting day of Carnival varies, the festival usually builds up to a crescendo in the week before lent, ending on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent (17 February this year). But it is different in Spain, erstwhile a staunch Catholic nation. Having long lost its religious significance, in Jimena each village has its own dates, well after the beginning of what once was a sombre Lenten period. It is so in many places in Spain, where regional celebrations ('bachanalia' comes quickly to mind) are as varied as the country's regions. In this area, they take on an almost pantomime-ish guise (Oops! Prospero can feel an article coming on) and, village by village, these are the dates:>
  • Jimena de la Frontera: February26 to 28
  • San Martín del Tesorillo: March 5 to 7
  • San Pablo de Buceite: March 12 to 14 (the last in the Campo de Gibraltar) 
Our good friends over at TioJimeno are well-known carnavaleros, fanatics in other words, so we will be keeping an eye on them for further developments as usual, for which muchas gracias como siempre, colegas.

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