Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Cinderella, a Spanish pantomime

Cinderella is an essentially British pantomime (never mind the story) but, as we reported earlier, Ian and Victoria Cann are directing some fifty people of Castellar in a Spanish version that opens on Friday next at 9pm (check Upcoming Events Calendar for dates and times). As a press release says, "It is little-known in Spain but is acquiring character in Castellar." The Canns, who 'retired' -we use the word advisedly- to the town some ten years ago, have a track record: their first panto effort was Aladdin in 2007, with which they raised €5000 for the purchase of an x-ray machine. This year, they hope to raise even more that will go to the parish church to help curb damp that threatens to damage the Christ image there.

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