Tuesday, 26 January 2010

63% of fatal accidents in Campo happen here

(Agencies / photo: EuropaSur) Statistics show that the most dangerous stretch of road in the Campo de Gibraltar is the N-340 between Algeciras and Tarifa (See map below). These 46 kms represent over six of every ten fatal accidents on the region's roads, according to figures from 2008 and 2009. Of the last 14 traffic deaths in the area, nine occurred there. This is most notorious black spot in the province, too, where most accidents are head on collisions between cars and lorries, usually on overtaking with limited frontal visibility, and end up on the wrong side of the road.>



CraftyPip said...

It is no wonder at the rate and seriousness of accidents on Spanish roads. One only has to take a look at the substandard ability of many drivers to read the road further than the end of their bonnet or the tailgate of the vehicle a few feet in front of that.
Having said that, blame can be also laid at the door of the highways authority and their construction of the highways.
Take the new Tarraguilla byepass for an example in question. Removing the heavy goods vehicles from the village is a wonderful idea but, a little more thought could have been made when constructing the byepass.
The road has been made in such a way as to allow faster vehicles to overtake the slow moving heavier trucks climbing the hill. It portrays that both lanes will be used by traffic traveling soley in one direction up the hill.
"But that´s a good idea " I hear you say, and so it would be until you find yourself head on to vehicles travelling in the opposite direction who are also lawfully permitted to overtake using the same lane that you are in.
The middle lane is a recipe for disaster and in Britain they were known as the CORONER´S CORRIDOR before they were all finally removed or they double white lined the unnecessary overtaking lane.
Nearly all accidents in this double overtaking lane result in SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH and it will be sooner than later that this WILL occur.
But will the driver listen?
Will the highways authority concede to making a multi million Euro mistake?
I´m sorry to say that I believe the answer to both will be a resounding NO.

Simon said...

Oh! I thought it was only allowed to use the middle lane in one direction. I'd better have another look....