Friday, 27 November 2009

Two arrested for robbery with violence in Jimena

The Guardia Civil post at Jimena de la Frontera revealed yesterday that two persons, answering to the intials L.G.R. and M.J.C. were detained as the alleged perpetrators of a robbery with violence on a man whom they allegedly attacked a man with bottles to rob him of €150. The incident began on the night of Sunday, November 23, when the victim, a tourist, was at a local bar. He was approached by one of the suspects, who asked for €5 for a bus fare, which he received. However, the 'beggar' asked for more, which was refused. When the victim left the establishment a few moments later he was accosted by the two suspects, a man and a woman well known in the village, who began hitting him with broken bottles. The Guardia was called in and the two are in jail awaiting trial. Further investigation by JimenaPulse reveals from eye witnesses that>
the victim was careful not to hit back and that he threw his wallet into a doorway -close to the late-night establishment just below the Cajasol building- to avoid it being taken, but one of the alleged perpetrators saw the move and managed to extract the money from the wallet, whereupon they ran away. The Guardia Civil turned up moments after and, after getting a description of the suspects, proceeded to arrest them nearby.

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