Thursday, 19 November 2009

People of Jimena: birds of a feather

Eduardo Sánchez Navarro (left) has been one of several taxi drivers in Jimena for many, many years (he wouldn't admit to exactly how many). That's his pride and joy tool-of-the-trade Mercedes in the photo.
Eugenio Domínguez de la Torre, on the other hand, is proud to have been in the business for 37 years, though, he says, he is looking forward to retirement in the not too distant future.
They and their fellows can be found just around the corner from the main square, opposite the banks; they take strict turns answering the phone (956 640 024) or taking the next passenger in line. It costs €3 to be driven up to the top of town, though they don't have published rates. A longer journey, e.g. to the airport, is negotiable on an individual basis.
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