Wednesday, 18 November 2009

La Caixa contributes towards Jimena needy

(Press release) The Manager of the local branch of La Caixa, Alberto Piña, handed over a check for €1000 to Social Services Councillor Mercedes Segovia in the name of the La Caixa Foundation. The money is to go towards the purchase of food for the municipality's families in need. Piña thanked Segovia for the opportunity to cooperate offered by the Council. The La Caixa Foundation has a national budget of €500 million of which €4 million are for the province of Cádiz, aimed at work such as this and to the segment of population at risk of social exclusion. The foundation has also contributed towards this year's Music Festival through its Diversons programme. For her part, Mercedes Segovia, said that this kind of contribution is "very important", particularly in these "delicate moments". The Council's Social Services Department is working hard in this area of need, in collaboration with the Algeciras Food Bank. However, owing to the present situation, the food bank is overwhelmed with requests for help.

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