Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Jimena Rugby Club gets under way

First session at Tres Rosas
We're not as fast as we used to be here ... just found out: Jimena Rugby Club has been set up to teach tag rugby to local residents of all ages. FREE first session - The first time you come to training, to see if you'd like to play, is free. If you decide you'd like to continue playing and come training every Saturday, then you need to join the Club, which is €10 Euro fee for the year. This goes towards paying for equipment and building up a 'kitty' to enable us, at a later date, to subsidize costs of going to other venues to play and compete. Find out more on Facebook ( Next training session on Saturday, May 5, at 11 in Marchenilla (Tres Rosas). En español más abajo>>>

Se ha creado el Club de Rugby de Jimena. Puede apuntarse cualquier persona interesada. PRIMERA CLASE GRATIS- Animate a participar a ver si te gusta! Si quieres ser parte del Club y entrenar cada sabado, tendrás que pagar una cuota de 10€ anuales. Este dinero irá destinado a la compra de material, fondo para desplazamientos, etc. PRÓXIMO ENTRENAMIENTO: SÁBADO 5 EN MARCHENILLA (TRES ROSAS) A LAS 11.

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