Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What's best for your pet?

You're going away for a week or two or more. What to do with your pets? Will it be better for them to be moved to kennels for the duration? Or an unknown field? What's the price difference compared to sending them to kennels or have someone house/pet sitting or coming in to check on them regularly? Here are some answers from an experienced pet sitter, Julie Allbon (617 904 671, references on request!). Animals, especially dogs and cats, are very territorial, so it may be better to leave them in their familiar surroundings. The same is true of horses, and although they're not nearly so territorial, accidents are less likely to happen on terrain they already know. As for cost, €12 per day per dog - €10 for a cat - is normal at local kennels. How does that compare with prices starting €10 per day for the lot, in their own environment? Plus your home is watched over and your plants watered into the bargain if that's what you want. Another point to be taken into account is if they're on medication - having someone giving them their dose regularly and exclusively can ensure that the vet's orders are followed to the letter. Think about it.

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