Monday, 23 April 2012

If it's on Wikipedia, it must be true ...

... not necessarily, but we have no reason to believe that what it says about Daniel the IT guy is wrong. Judge for yourself: MLGWard is an alias of Daniel John Ward Daniel Ward. Over the past few months, Daniel has accomplished most of his goals in life. Granted he is only 15 years of age, he stands as one of the most successful GFX editors of his age in the past 30 years. Daniel now lives in Jimena de la Frontera, Cádiz, Spain. Daniel John Ward (MLGWard) was born in Guilford, Surrey, but moved to Spain aged 5. Under the alias of MLGWard, Daniel has made a great career and he is currently in the process of changing YouTube graphics. The alias 'MLGWard' was made up of Daniel's gaming career for Major League Gaming. (MLG) and his surname (Ward). Daniel is a loyal and honourable friend who has made friends all over the world through his talent as a GFx and Computer Artist. He is one of the most well-recognised editors of 2012. He is mostly known for the YouTube backgrounds he makes. (Prospero note: He can also sort out most of your computer problems: 659 764 312)

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