Thursday, 1 March 2012

Rumour has it ... Jorge and Ketina are coming back

JIMENA A little bird just flew past this morning and let it be known that Jorge and Ketina, who used to run the once-popular La Cuadra at the top of the village, are back. But they are on to bigger and better things, apparently, and are about to take over the campsite restaurant. Given their professionalism, and Jorge's excellent cooking, the news will be very welcome to their former clientele - who have missed them for the time they were working on the coast. One of their many specialties was pizza, and there are those who swear they were the best in town. We are told that Jorge will be bringing a professional pizza thrower to liven up the campsite! Watch this space to confirm this piece of excellent news. (The enthusiasm for this item stems from the fact that Prospero is having breakfast and reminiscing about the breakfasts he used to enjoy at La Cuadra.)


PROSPERO said...

From Facebook: "Hope the rumour is true!" Our answer: "It is."

PROSPERO said...

From Facebook, in Spanish, translated by yours truly from Jorge Marquez's comment: "It's not just a rumour, it's a great truth. We come back to the pueblo and are very happy to do so as it's the place where I was welcomed with open arms by people who didn't know me when I first arrived. On Friday, March 16, from 4pm, we will be re-opening the restaurant st the campsite. We hope we can count on you to be there. Many thanks."