Friday, 17 February 2012

Drunk Jimena driver sentenced in Jerez

Avda. Alcalde Álvaro Domecq, Jerez
Police had to transport confiscated vehicle with driver aboard because of 'the state he was in'
JEREZ (Agencies) A 41 year old resident of Jimena answering to the initials J.B.Z., was yesterday sentenced to a €1,100 fine plus a year and three months' suspension of his driving licence because of an incident that happened on April 2 last year, during a motorbike rally in that town. His erratic behaviour on a three-wheeler drew the attention of the police on Jerez's main avenue, Álvaro Domecq. The police report says he was "not wearing a helmet, lifting the vehicle's front wheel off the ground and accelerating unnecessarily." When he was stopped, they "observed evident signs of heavy drinking." The breathalyzer registered 0.75 mg of alcohol per litre of blood (legal limit: 0.25). The three-wheeled motorbike had to be was confiscated and had to be taken away with the driver still on board because of "the state of drunkenness he was in," according to one police witness.

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