Saturday, 10 December 2011

They do it every year at the Pensioners' Day Centre. And every year we get down on our knees to bring you the photos of the Nativity scene. You'd have thought that one set of pictures is enough, but no, it changes every time. Our favourite piece is one called caganer in Catalan (from where we believe it originates), which we translate as 'the crapper'. But don't be struck by misplaced horror: not only does the little figure bring luck, they say (which may be why last year's crapper was stolen), but it is also a measure of the humanity of the times we now consider 'sacred'. And anyway, in that context the crapper makes a lot more sense than Father Christmas, doesn't it? We're not sure about the hanging hams in Bethlehem, year 3758 in the Jewish calendar - maybe the Kosher laws hadn't evolved that far - in any case, we're not about to quibble pedantically as usual. Besides, it's well worth taking a look and getting a coffee at the bar (no, you don't have to be a pensioner), where a visit is sure to be appreciated.

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