Friday, 11 November 2011

Water was cut off without notice

JIMENA Water supply to the lower part of the village, as well as Estación and Marchenilla, was cut this morning at 9am. The Town Hall tells us that it will be restored by 3pm. The only announcement about which we are aware was via TioJimeno. But then, there is a significant segment of the population that either has no internet connection or does not look at TioJimeno. We are told that the matter was in the hands of Arcgisa -the same people who collect our rubbish and charge more heavily than anywhere for the privilege. Arcgisa, a large multi-municipal local company, does not have a press office but 'a man' tells us that notifications were sent out. Yes, to the Town Hall, who failed to notify a good proportion of the population of today's event. As is too often the case, the Town Hall washes its hands of the matter, passing the buck. Yet they have plenty of staff that could be put to better use distributing proper notifications - they do a good job with electoral propaganda, after all. Nevertheless, we have a promise that we will henceforth be notified of local incidents by our local water office.

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