Friday, 21 October 2011

Remember Mary's pies? Now you can order them

Mary's pies (c) Alberto Bullrich 2011
JIMENA You remember those great pies that Mary made and sold at the farmer's market down on Cortijo Román, don't you? Or is it the sausage rolls you recall, or ... yes, of course you do. A friend and fellow resident of the village is worried about not being able to survive the winter (whenever that is) without them. She is willing to take orders for a run to San Roque (where Mary is to be found) within a couple of weeks. But let her tell you: "Have spoken to a couple of people who have already given me orders for her.  I am willing to go and pick up the first batch from her in San Roque within the next couple of weeks, but maybe we could organise a group of people who would be willing to get a rota going, so that we don't starve over the winter! Ask them to contact me by email ( and leave their phone numbers (preferably not mobiles) and I will co-ordinate this to start off with. One stipulation is that they pick up their orders from my house on the day I collect.  Thanks, Sheila H." (Prospero note: Admittedly, this is not the same as ordering online but as close as we can get just yet.)

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