Saturday, 1 October 2011

PSOE calls for Ruiz to obey the law and establish the Junta in San Pablo

Beffa and Gallego
JIMENA / San Pablo As we reported here, there is an ongoing feud between the leading parties regarding the Junta de Distrito in San Pablo. The latest news is that the PSOE is demanding that new Mayor Guillermo Ruiz obey the law and set up the Junta as it was duly elected. However, Ruiz (PP) says that new regulations are being created and the Junta will be established when these are ready, to which Andrés Beffa and the associations that were part of the previous Junta strongly object and call 'undemocratic'. Others have joined the fray, including former Councillor J.A.Vázquez (PA) with a stinging article titled Mentiras Arriesgadas (Risky Lies) on his blog. Curiously, former PP Councillor and San Pablo resident Sandra Gallego joined forces with Beffa at a press conference at the Reina Cristina Hotel yesterday. Calling San Pablo 'an oasis of peace', Beffa>>>
railed against the situation in a document presented to the press at the hotel, warning -if not threatening- that things could change dramatically if political rights are not respected.

Regarding the change of rules that Ruiz is working on, Beffa says that "they want to change them because San Pablo did not support them (PP) in the elections." He admits that the PSOE lost the elections in Jimena but it was "the most voted list in San Pablo." The current law states that the Junta de Distrito must be established and duly constituted within 45 days of the main Council being sworn in, which took place over three months ago.

Beffa added that "there are recordings" of a converstaion with Ruiz in which he, Beffa, is told that he would never be president of the Junta, which ignores the rules completely.

For her part, Sandra Gallego, who says she has been a member of the PP for many years, also criticized Mayor Ruiz. She, too, demands that the Junta be sworn in immediately. She sits on the un-established Junta but did not figure on the list at the elections, her place being set at the previous local elections four years ago.

In fact Sandra Gallego is no longer a member of the PP, from which she resigned when the local bosses decided she would not go on the electoral list for the elections held on May 20.

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