Saturday, 1 October 2011

A black stork in this area? Could be...

JIMENA This photo was kindly sent in by Val Jubb with the following comment: "Took this photo on Wednesday night.  We think it is a Black Stork  -  very rare in these parts  -  it was sitting on the rocks left of our house and rested there for a good while  -  long enough to get the photo and read up about it! With you articles about birdwatching just now, I thought some people might be interested to see this." Click on the photo to enlarge. If some of you experts out there can confirm the presence of a black stork here, we would love to know!


CraftyPip said...

Very possible to be a black stork and as said very rarely seen in these parts...we last saw one 2002/3 in the Acornocales National Park

Roblyn said...

We too saw a black stork flying over the road, just before Los Angeles, on our way into Jimena on Saturday 1st October.
However, we had two sitings of the bird in the fields in Marchenilla in May, this year, as well as a Glossy Ibis!
Bird watching is excellent in Marchenilla during the migration.