Saturday, 8 October 2011

Heroic rescue by Local Police and Fire Brigade, a true Jimena story

JIMENA At around noon on Thursday a dramatic incident took place on Calle Romo. The alarm bells went off when Diego Torres was found to be missing from his home. All of a sudden, he was heard to be calling for help from an abandoned building next door. Diego Torres had fallen through the roof. The fire brigade and police were called. In masterful cooperation, both services joined forces to clamber over the high walls of the abandoned building. In desperation, Torres fought tooth and nail. Mostly nail. Ladders came out, climbing ropes and nets. A crowbar appeared with which to smash the lock on the rusty chain that locked the door. At last, still spitting, Diego Torres was rescued. Diego Torres is a cat. (This true story was first published on Facebook in the form shown below:)

"Roof-cat, Diego Torres, found and rescued by the local police and fire brigade yesterday morning in Jimena... Apparently, the little bugger had decided to go exploring with his new mate, the roof-cat Charlie, and ended up in an abandoned ramshackle where he couldn't get out. Diego is now safe and sound with only a minor scratch on his nose.
"The fire men called him "El León" because of his size :) ... And yes, when the picture was taken I had no idea of his injuries and he was really scared, hence the weird look on my face. - But he's fine now!!
"Let me thank the police and firemen for their enormous help!! Signed by Alondra."

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charlie's dad said...

That cat is scary big!!