Saturday, 5 March 2011

Reader's Choice (My first record): 'Don't be cruel' by Cheap Trick

Thanks, MoJo (whoDAT?!), for this one. There's no comment with it so we'll just Prospero's: "When I was a very young lad there was a great singer called Elvis Presley who had a hit with- oi!" On second thoughts, we won't include Prospero's reminiscences. This was a live performance at the Huoston Astrodome by, indeed, Cheap Trick, way back in 1989. One of the comments on the YouTube thingy we gort this from says: "You see, People shoudn't even try to do Elvis, because most don't have a clue, but when you're Cheap Trick,Or ZZTop, knock yourselves out because y'all do the King justice!! Thank-you!!!"

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