Monday, 28 March 2011

Have you missed anything on CampoPulse?

Here are just some of the items we posted on CampoPulse over the weekend and today: Area to get €60 million in official line of credit - US nuclear submarine stops off at Gibraltar - National Court annuls digital media canon - Young Artists hold exhibition of entries to NADFAS competition - Jimena Council prepares to move up - Did you remember to take the pill? - ¡Hasta la vuelta, amigos! - Moody's downgrades Spanish banks' ratings to Aa2 - La Línea demands repairs to beach front road and pavement - Spanish company held a contract to renew Libya's obsolete air-defense system - Six clubs impugn football 'strike' - It must be Sunday but are we supposed to laugh? - Various reminders about putting clocks forward - 'Pay back time for the IRA' - Gibraltar's first swine flu death - Fisherman falls 5m down cliff and is rescued - Madrid files complaint against electricity companies for lack of information and estimated billing - and there's much more. OVER 750,000 READERS KNOW WHERE TO FIND US Have you put CampoPulse on your Favourites/Bookmarks list yet?

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