Monday, 14 March 2011

Couple and two children rescued from flood on Montenegral road

JIMENA/San Martín del Tesorillo (Agencies/Photo of CA 2101, illustration only) A couple and their two nephews aged 11 and 8, had to be rescued yesterday from their 4WD on the CA-2101 near Montenegral. The vehicle was forced off the road by the water of the Guadiaro river that had risen above the road surface, and got trapped, and stopped, by a large rock. It took the fire rescue service two hours to get them to safety, but the car had to be left behind as it proved impossible to pull it out. (Prospero note: This is the same road that local politicians are now demanding repairs and reconditioning for, a subject that comes up every four years, mysteriously coinciding with elections - and always with the same result: nil. See Jimena and Tesorillo on same track but different trains.)

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