Monday, 14 March 2011

News but not news: no International Music Festival in Jimena this year either

JIMENA (Agencies/Image: click on it!) This is hardly news because we were expecting it. Jimena Mayor Pascual Collado yesterday confirmed that there will be no International Music Festival again this year. He said that he and his team had tried hard to find the money for it, first among public entities, through grants and subsidies, and then through private sponsorship. They had no luck and the municipal treasury is still so thoroughly depleted that it cannot find the resources even to stage a mini-festival, as had been proposed last year. So once again, the economy (or lack of it) is the reason behind the cancellation of what not so long ago was a festival that became recognised and admired all over the country (and no doubt one of the reasons for the coffers being empty). Our illustration is the cover of an online magazine (click on it to read it, and make a comment there if you like) we made of the very last festival, its ninth.

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