Saturday, 12 March 2011

Carnival, carnival, carnival! Wot a laugh!!

You shouldn't miss it, even if you don't understand much (we don't and we have colloquial Spanish, to a degree) but just watching the craziness is fun. Even if its raining inside the marquee, which it may well have been, unless ... no, better not say it. Things got under way last night, (or, to use a well worn Spanish phrase: El carnaval tuvo su pistoletazo de salida - The carnival got its starting gun off) with a wonderful opening, taking the p**s out of Tejero's attempted coup on 23-M (photo),  followed by ... Hang on, you can see all the videos on TioJimeno, or on their YouTube channel, and get the lyrics from their website. And, thanks to everyone else doing our work for us, there's a million photos like the one above from the town hall's photo album for Friday, showing every act  - with more to follow for today and tomorrow. (Prospero memo to monkeys: 'What's that naughty word up there?' Answer from monkeys: Boss ,all of Carnival is about taking the p**s!!)

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