Friday, 11 March 2011

CARNAVAL gets under way tonight - even if it's raining!

JIMENA It seems to us that it has always rained over Carnival weekend in Jimena, though this is floodingly denied by drunken sots of all ages and conditions in any bar. What, you might ask, were we doing in a bar anyway? Ah, we were trying to find out who is doing what and when. And why is this and prior Carnivals allowing a Cuarteto of only two people (photo of Jorge and Tobi doing their thing onstage a couple of years ago). And what the hay is the difference between a comparsa and a chirigota. And questions like that. But then, we asked the very same drunken sots and got very similar slurried answers. And it was raining cats and kangaroos, so we went home and referred to our very favourite Carnival website, TioJimeno, who came up with a description of each and every performance of local groups, which we don't have time to translate because we are due for dinner somewhere and can't afford to pass up a free meal. You can see the Carnival thing on TioJimeno right here, though.

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