Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Next outing is to Garganta El Huevo

The Asociación Deportiva Cultural Caminete de Luna, it's official title, though perhaps more easily known as los senderistas (sendero = path, so senderista = path walkers) and with whom we walked to Laja Alta last month (see photos below), are planning this month's trek to Garganta El Huevo (photo by Tobi Quirós), due to take place next Saturday, November 6. We gather at the Los Alcornocales campsite at 8.30am, from where we take cars (organize yourselves so there aren't too many vehicles) to La Vegueta La Negra (14Km), where we start the walk. This is about 10Kms there and back, with 2.5 softly uphill, and 2.5 downhill until we get to the garganta (a narrow passage in rivers, mountains, etc.). Reverse on the way back (natch!).  More important info below>
About 4-5 hours, classified as Medium Difficulty (Laja Alta was the same, and was not too difficult at all - though Prosp was in recovery for 36 hours from lack of habit, and into which he is trying to get). It is advised not to leave the walking party. No dogs, no picking vegetation. Punctuality is requested, so if you need breakfast at the campsite, give yourself time. Please be sure to bring appropriate clothing and shoes, as well as water or refreshment, and a snack to gather strength along the way (Prosp didn't on Laja Alta and regretted it).

ALSO, why is it called El Huevo, The Egg? Come and find out. What a great way to learn about where we live! Local experts, many of whom were born and raised in these mountains, come along to tell us all kinds of stories and offer their profound knowledge - in Spanish, yes, but it could be that Prospero, or another bilingual anthropomorph, is there to help out (just thought: you can learn some more Spanish, too!).

We have been asked what age this activity is for. Check our WebAlbum and you will see that there is no age limit. In fact, at Laja Alta there was one chap with a severe walking handicap, who not only enjoyed it, but there was always someone there to help if needed. The sense of camaraderie here is quite something. Can we recommend it? You bet!

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