Tuesday, 2 November 2010

'Alcohol More Harmful Than Heroin, Cocaine or Ecstasy' - is this news?

The Alexander Bewick Soap Box sports an article about the headline that is catching the attention all over the world (above). "One of the main facts about alcohol is that it is a disinhibitor. In other words, it lowers one's inhibitions. How do we otherwise explain that relaxed feeling after a couple of drinks - and, usually some time later, that feeling oh-so-sick, not to mention those dreadful hangovers? How can we otherwise explain the fact of so many otherwise sensible young people getting pregnant after 'a night out'? How do we otherwise explain the words I have heard so many times: "Oh, I began drinking at (say) thirteen, and then it was hash and later other stuff, at parties..."?" says the article. It also asks, "Should Professor Nutt's study lead to a new prohibition? What do you think?"

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