Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A fairy tale of an excursion

You're minding your own business, checking out the camera from another assignment, you turn the corner into Jimena's main square, and what do you see? A whole lot of little people and their minders, all dressed up and somewhere to go. It turns out these are the Sotogrande International School pre-school lot, on an excursion/visit to Jimena. Their topic is Story Telling, so there they are, all dressed up. But what we liked very much was that their teachers were dressed up, too, and not at all embarrassed about it. They were walking up to the castle after we took the photo. Hope you all had a great day, people! (It wasn't easy to get them all into the photo, so we'll be putting more pics on our WebAlbum as soon as poss.)

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