Thursday, 28 October 2010

Trying to find a solution to the La Adelfilla traffic conundrum

According to a press release received this afternoon, the Mayor of Jimena, Pascual Collado, met this morning with the head of the Roads department of the provincial  Public Works authority, Alberto Bas, as well as residents of the La Adelfilla area, some 8 kilometres from the main village towards the coast. The objective was to try to find a solution to the traffic problems that residents, farmers and businesses have been complaining about. These include lines on the road that make it illegal to make certain turns into or out of several of the roads leading to homes and farms, forcing drivers to take a very long journey to the nearest roundabout or risk fines and danger.>
Also, the A-405 here has a bend that joins two long straights, which means that speeding is frequent. The Provincial delegate agreed that a report including possible solutions or alternatives, would be issued in 'two or three weeks'. However, on asking some residents of the area, we heard that one of the verbal conclusions of the meeting, subject to confirmation, was that Alberto Bas said that this was not a provincial matter but rather one for the Junta de Andalucía.

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