Monday, 4 October 2010

New traffic scheme for roadworks entering Phase 3

(Press release) In a convoluted press release, the Local Police warn drivers that a new traffic flow system will enter into operation "in the next few days." As you are probably aware, the road is up right in front of the Town Hall, but work continues up Calle Sevilla to replace decrepit sewer and water pipes. We will attempt to create a map for a better understanding of the following information:

  • Calle Autoridad Portuaria (the ski slope) closed. Traffic coming from Paseo Cristina, Llanete and Romo will no longer be able to come up Sevilla to Autoridad Portuaria.
  • Calle Sevilla will be closed to traffic from the Cajasol corner to the works. Access only to residents of the parts semi-finished.
  • Traffic on Romo will continue to be uphill, as it has been while roadworks are ongoing.
  • Paseo Cristina closed to downhill traffic, from the Santa Ana/Quirós junction to Autoridad Portuaria. Access only to residents on Calle Llanete.
  • Access to the Old Quarter will be from the North entrance, i.e. entering via the campsite road by La Bodega, to Calle Llana and La Loba.
  • At the end of the downhill cut-through called La Calzá, which crosses Santa Ana and is one way out to Corral de Concejo, we will not be able to turn right along Quirós. I.e. Turn left to Corral de Concejo only.
  • Entrance to Old Quarter via Corral de Concejo will only be available via Calle Ancha, so Quirós is only one-way, uphill.
If you can't make head or tail of these instructions, you evidently don't know the names of streets... We don't either, but will nevertheless attempt a map. WATCH THIS SPACE!

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