Friday, 29 October 2010

ARCGISA offices in Jimena and San Roque will no longer accept cash payments

JIMENA/SAN ROQUE (Press release) Aguas y Residuos del Campo de Gibraltar, S.A. (ARCGISA), the water, rubbish. etc. company is no longer allowing payment at their offices in Jimena or San Roque, although both offices will remain open to the public for any other business. Cash payment for the company's services must now be made at any of the banks that appear on their bills. The company reminds us of the convenience of direct debit.


Sue said...

Okay,so I signed for my final notice letter from them the other day and it states at the bottom the opening hours of the office so you can go and pay these do I waste an hour standing in the queue at the Bank or do I risk going to the office first?

me again! said...

Right then.......I went along to the office at 9am this morning and was told to take my letter plus payment to CajaSol...........I was given a reciept....simple...AND they´re open FIVE mornings a week!!