Sunday, 26 September 2010

Zirkus coming to town this week

JIMENA You've seen this sign all over town: The Berlin Zirkus  ('circus' in German if you hadn't guessed) will be setting up its tents down behind the sports pavilion (recinto ferial = feria grounds) this week, to begin perfomances on Thursday 30 -the day after the General Strike- through to Sunday, October 3. Their schedule: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 6.30pm, and Sunday at 12 noon and 6.30pm. Small circuses of this type are very frequent at small villages and towns all over Spain. Some 20 years ago, we knew someone, a good friend sadly deceased, who 'ran away with the circus'. Given her age, there was nothing untoward about this. Janet Alexander was a talented restorer of furniture (she eventually set up a business in her native New England) and a free spirit. She would have been very useful to an itinerant circus and by all accounts thoroughly enjoyed the experience. And then there's Marcus von Wachtel, the circus man from Jimena. (Write us a line if you ever ran away with a circus.)

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Nelly the elephant said...

I was with them for a while but its a jungle out there........and I prefered that!