Thursday, 2 September 2010

Six days on CampoPulse: check it out

Since posting the last item seen in the screen shot of our 'Have you missed anything on CampoPulse?' widget on the sidebar, left, last updated on August 25th, we have posted another 22 items on CampoPulse. These are: One of UK's most wanted men arrested in Marbella; State Attorney to act against La Línea 'congestion charge; 5 tons of hash found on Dutch sailing boat; YouTube launches movie downloads; Serious Fraud Office called in on Marrache case; Apes are a 'daily menace', says Rock employee; Gibraltar queues as tensions mount; Two new car parks for Gibraltar; Fire on Sierra Carbonera, ten evacuated from fighting bull farm; Court orders closure of 'illegal animal shelter'; Double jeopardy with Blue Zone parking fines; Valderrama requests special treatment for future Castellar course; La Línea receives €3.5 million more than similar sized towns; What happened to La Línea's piece of the PIE?; 2010 International Bird of the Strait Fair, September 24 to 26; Castellar heroin ring busted; Spanish workers in Gibraltar planning demo against 'congestion charge'; 2,185 kilos of hashish, Sotogrande drug haul; Two arrested in chiringuito burglary; Taxi driver attacked with knife; Tamborada produces over 3,000 kilos of rubbish on beach; Santander, BBVA, Banesto and La Caixa, among top 50 safest banks in the world. Life is interesting out there in the Campo de Gibraltar and beyond! You might want to be reminded that we will soon be moving all our items and articles to CampoPulse.

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