Tuesday, 21 September 2010

New pavement for the North entrance to Jimena

(Press release) Work on the road out to, and beyond, the Los Alcornocales campsite is progressing quickly, as ascertained by Mayor Collado and Councillor Fernando Gómez on a visit yesterday. Thus, walking from the North entrance to the old part of Jimena to what is known locally as el cruce de Las Tenerías (the old name for the luxurious home that was once The Tanneries), or the T-junction with the CA-8201, will become easier and safer. Plans include plantings, benches, street lights and an exercise system similar to that on the yellow brick road to Estación. Also, the road itself is to be given better under-support on the Northern side.

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Simon said...

Nice to see these jobs going ahead in spite of the crisis. Credit due to whoever is responsible (The Mayor?) for finding the funding in difficult times.