Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Just a little confusion sorted

The image shows an item published on December 28, 2007, Spain's equivalent to April Fool's Day. It apparently threw a good friend into some confusion when she googled (yes, it's a verb now) 'jimenapulse' (She commented there: I am sorry about this , but if nobody pays Alberto for all his hard work, what do we expect? for which we thank her.) Alas, Google has yet to register the fact that JimenaPulse is now published exclusively on Blogger, as opposed to WordPress, where we used to be. If we close down the WP, we would lose some if not all our partner sites such as Jimena Property Listings, JimenArte and JimenaLinks. We are working to transfer these and update them, and others, but it takes time we don't seem to have...

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