Monday, 13 September 2010

The Colonel's Etceteras, a massive collection

The 1959 film starring Vittorio de Sica and Anita Ekberg was indeed projected onto the bell tower on Saturday night. Yes, it's the same bell tower seen in this still from the film. The still was stolen from TioJimeno's massive collection on the subject, including the whole film (in French) and an article by Ricardo Gómez (TioJimeno in person), titled 'Searching Desperately for the Colonel's Etceteras' and which starts as follows: "I wasn't born when the Colonel's Three Etceteras was shot in Jimena. I was an adolescent when the obsession for finding a copy of the film began to germinate. I was about 13 when>
Alfonso 'Serafín' (who owned the cinema then, now the Chinese shop on Calle Sevilla) called me to help him write a letter to Fernando Fernán Gómez (who was in the movie) to see "if we could find it".
Finding this piece of our local heritage had for a long time been Alfonso's hope, as he, one of hundreds of Jimena people, had taken part in the film as an extra

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