Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Reader's Question: Did ayone see the green meteor this morning?

(By e-mail) "Did anyone else see the green meteor - or something! This morning at 8.25, we were driving just past where the turning is to Tessoria [she means Tesorillo] and over the bridge, and it went across the sky and seemed to burn out. It was light green in colour. We are not on drugs!" There are those who know better than us, but we can only surmise that it was the well-known 'green flash' that often happens when the sun just comes up or goes down over the horizon (which coincides approximately with the time mentioned here). The website Causes of Colour (photo) has something to say, though it only mentions the sun going down. Any further comments?


George Benson said...

I have often seen the green flash, in places all over the world. But it was always in the morning.

CraftyPip said...

We are at present passing through the wake of Haley´s comet and tonight is supposed to be the best to see meteor showers starting about 1am Google it ORIONIDs

PROSPERO said...

There was a shooting star/astroid whatever over Jimena this morning.
I arrived in the village around 8.20 and in the sky there was a fast moving bright light which seemed to burst - was heavy cloud cover. By the time I got to outside La Cuadra a group of three people were busy discussing what it was.