Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Autumn to be 'drier with higher temperatures in the South'

Autumn begins officially on Thursday, for which rain and lower temperatures are forecast for most of Spain. However, according to Fermín Elizaga, head of forecasts at the national weather agency AEMET at the Summer Weather Summary presentation in Madrid yesterday, temperatures in October, November and December should be slightly higher than normal in the Southern half of the country and in the Canary Islands. No significant changes are to be expected in the Northern half or the Balearics. As far as rainfall is concerned, these values are expected to be slightly below normal everywhere, with the exception of inland regions and the Southwest of the peninsula, where that tendency will be more acute. Forecasts for the winter include warmer temperatures than normal. Regarding the summer heat, Elizaga said (Read the full story on CampoPulse - oh, aren't we annoying! Remember, JimenaPulse is due to be merged with CampoPulse)

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