Thursday, 5 August 2010

Reader's Comment: This is dangerous!

Prospero was stopped in the street yesterday to hear a complaint about the state of what JimenaPulse has come to call 'the ski slope' -the very steep street up which we are expected to drive thanks to traffic diversions (See item here). "My car just slidesback down, backwards!" said the complainant (and Prosp had to bite his tongue to refrain from saying that she was not used to driving on hills).It happens that as he was taking this photo, he came across Councillor Fernando Gómez, to whom he ,mentioned the concern. Apparently, they are waiting for the Calle Sevilla roadworks to get there so that the ski slope to be repaired. In the meantime we are advised caution, though the street is cleaned of debris every day... (there was a pile of broken tiles dumped near the side of the slope).

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