Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Oba to play in the square

To most of JimenaPulse readers Oba identifies a local bar that is closed temporarily (and soon to come under new management, we believe). The name is much older than that, of course, it being the Roman name for Jimena. In between, however, there was a rock band of that name. Oba the 1970s Band hadn't performed for years, their members (you'll recognize some of them, believe it) taking off into the world on other journeys; until a couple of years ago - the last time at the Workshops for Peace in San Pablo last month. It's now Jimena's turn. Oba, sponsored by the Cajasol Social Fund, will be on stage in the main square next Saturday, August 21, at 11.30pm (when it's nice and cool), with a grand old selection of hits, Spanish and otherwise, from way back when.

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