Monday, 9 August 2010

La Línea 'decongestion tax' to be 'around €5'

(Photo: RTVE)At a press conference this afternoon, La Línea Mayor Alejandro Sánchez announced that traffic to and from the border with Gibraltar will begin to be 'reorganized' tomorrow, Tuesday, with a view to applying what he called a 'tax' (as opposed to a 'toll') that would not 'be over €5'. The tax, he said, would begin to be applied in about 60 days -mid-October- when the administrative paperwork was completed. It is as yet unclear whether the tax would be applied to Gibraltar residents, but it would not to Spanish workers on the Rock.  Sánchez was careful to make clear that the only people certain to be exempt will be (Read full story on CampoPulse)

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