Friday, 6 August 2010

Guardia Civil union says they are 'pressured' to increase traffic fines

The Unión de Oficiales de la Guardia Civil Profesional, one of several unions covering the force, says that the Ministry of the Interior, under which they operate, "continues to exert pressure to increase the number of denuncias (i.e. fines)" by creating "a Machiavellic points system that evaluates an officer and influences his or her pay check." The statement comes at a time when thereis an alleged 'down pen strike' by traffic police that has resulted in a decrease in the number of fines emmitted. The union goes on to say that the system could have serious consequences, as the points system fosters an 'anything goes' attitude "in order to protect our measly wages." It adds that (Get the whole story on CampoPulse)

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