Friday, 6 August 2010

Broad band in Spain costs 10.8% more than the average in Europe

(Agencies) According to a report issued yesterday by the EU's Commission for Telecommunications Market, the cost in Spain of medium-speed broad band service (between 2 and 10 mgb, over 70% of all users) is almost 11% above the average of the best offers available in the rest of Europe. Also, the difference between the same service by Orange, the cheapest, and Telefónica (now Movistar), the most expensive is nearly €26. As for prices by Telefónica, the preponderant operator, in respect of other European operators (including Deutsche Telekom, KPN, BT, Eircom and Telecom Italia), the best offer by the Spanish operator for broand band + voice (i.e. national phone calls) averages €58.1 against €33.8, the average in Europe.

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