Monday, 23 August 2010

Castle restoration to be completed?

On a recent visit to Jimena by the Provincial Delegate for the Junta's Department of Culture, Yolanda Peinado (to present the poster for Estación's Flamenco Festival, photo: second from left), Mayor Pascual Collado took the opportunity to thank that department for its support in several project of importance to the village, including the restoration of the Convento (a.k.a. Santuario), as well as the (partial) rehabilitation of the Castle and its opening to the public, on which the intention is "to implicate the (national) Department of Development" as well. Certainly, our castle needs at least a 'haircut', weeds growing magnificently in a very modern fashion. We have also heard from seeral visiting tourists that the tourist information centre is never open. Does anyone know why?

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