Monday, 23 August 2010

Old cork factory turning into industrial estate

The project to convert one of the old cork processing plants in Estación into an industrial estate is well into its process, according to Councillor for Development Fernando Gómez. Details for tendering the work involved are being completed by the Instituto de Empleo y Desarrollo Socioeconómico y Tecnológico de la Diputación de Cádiz (IEDT). The project, estimated at €300,000, is possible thanks to a provincial programme designed to create spaces for economic activity, as well as employment.>
The present buildings (photo), abandoned and in ruins, will need to be razed, the plot cleaned up and facilities for electricity cabling built, plus those for basic services such as water and sewage.

The Town Hall and Diputación de Cádiz have come to an agreement, generally unusual, whereby should any of the money provided for the initial sstages be left over, this could be used for a second phase of the project that would include propping up existing outer walls, street outlines, etc.

On the other hand, once the area is prepared, construction of new buildings will become necessary, having ascertained the needs of local businesses wanting to move into the new facilities. Financing for these would come via a promise from the Junta's Council for Innovation, Science and Enterprise to sign an agreement whereby the Junta would carry out construction and then offer the buildings at 'officially protected prices' to encourage local enterprise.


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