Monday, 23 August 2010

XXIX Festival Flamenco de la Estación de Jimena

The 29th edition of the annual Flamenco Festival at Estación de Jimena (a.k.a. Los Ángeles, and how we wish they'd make their minds up about what the place is called!) takes place on Friday, September 3, on Plaza Práxedes Gómez (by the railway crossing). Starting at 11 pm, tickets are €5. Local knowledgeable aficionado Andrés Macías (the Estación's builder's merchant) will be presenting a programme headed by the cantaora (singer) from Sevilla, Rosario La Tremendita, who also brings the Lydia Caballero dance troupe. The usual 'taste of Jerez' is provided this year by Jerez al Natural, and local talent comes by highly experienced cantaor José Bueno 'El Niño de los Brezos', accompanied on the guitar by Manolo Cortés, whom many of us have seen at the Oba bar and elsewhere in Jimena.

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