Monday, 26 April 2010

PP demands explanations about Jimena Music Festival debts

At a meeting last week in Tarifa, the PP's provincial secretary, Teresa Ruiz Sillero, demanded to know, from her PSOE counterpart, Francisco González Cabaña, about the 'extra-judicial' recognition by Jimena Council of a debt owed to Gremio, Animación y Servicios Socioculturales SL for the sum of €239,560, which the company is claiming for organizing the village's International Music Festival in 2005 and 2007. The PP says there is no contract between the parties, and no details, but there is an unfavourable report by the municipal auditor. Threatening to take the matter to the Public Prosecutor, Ruiz Sillero added, "... the money cannot be paid out even though the Mayor, Pascual Collado, insists on recognizing and inexistent debt, when he can't even pay the municipal workers' salaries."

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