Monday, 12 April 2010

Home help workers demonstrate against colleague's firing

Some 50 people gathered this afternoon at Plaza Miguel de Cervantes in San Pablo, to protest about one of their colleagues, Eva Andrades, being fired. Present at the demo were Jimena Mayor Pascual Collado, San Pablo Delegate Andrés Beffa, most of the home help employees, some of their charges and others. The home help service, formerly managed by the Town Hall, has been taken over throughout the province by a large company called CLECE (see their statement about home help here). The federation of social service union representative read a statement that included, "the quality of service is worsening because the company is obliging us to treat our charges lesss humanely ... they haven't even bothered to meet us, who know each of our patients personally." There are 27 CLECE Home Help employees in Jimena and the municipality.

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