Saturday, 17 April 2010

Home help employees demo in Jimena

The main square in Jimena was the scene yesterday afternoon of a demonstration by the local staff of home help concessionaire CLECE (see JP item here), supported by representatives of the UGT union's Federation of Public Services, several carers from Castellar and from Jimena Counciol, headed by Mayor Pascual Collado. The demo is a prior step to an 'indefinite' walkout scheduled for April 25. Speaking to one of the demonstrators, we understand that they are principally concerned about their patients. "We have a long list of do's and dont's, including things like not to go shopping for them, not even to speak to them," she said. (We are waiting to get hold of the list, so watch this space.) They are also protesting about unnecessary redundacies and being asked to a lot more work for the same wages, which they say they are receiving late.

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