Tuesday, 30 March 2010

No comments, no feedback - what's happening?

We seem to be getting very few comments on JimenaPulse and we have to ask why. With close to 550 daily readers of this site, it seems strange. If you are having trouble with the comments facility, please let us know how we can help. There are clear instructions on the sidebar if you click on the image under 'How to post a comment'. (Prospero memo to monkeys: Have any of you thought that there may be nothing to comment about??)


Simon said...

I used to like the Recent Comments widget on the right. It seems to me that since that's gone there are fewer comments.

PROSPERO said...

Thanks for your comment, Simon. And commenting on your comment, I will comment that the Recent Comments thingy on the sidebar will be going back up forthwith. It hadn't occurred to me that this might be a reason for the lack of comments. Otherwise, no comment.