Monday, 8 March 2010

Manilva urbanizations sliding downhill

(EP/Image: CanalSurWeb) Twenty-three homes were evacuated this morning in Manilva because the side of a hill is sliding down above the urbanization of Monteviña. The landslide, 800 metres wide, a metre deep and travelling at 3cms per hour, has broken up the terraces and the authorities believe further sliding could drag the buildings' foundations down with it. Another 11 homes were evacuated at Las Higueras for the same reasons. Damage to homes alone in M;anilva is calculated at €4.8million, according to Mayoress Antonia Muñoz.

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Carolina said...

I am an owner of one of the damaged houses in Urb. Las Higueras, Manilva. I would like to inform you that absolutely nothing has happened to improve the state of the houses despite lawyers and numerous visits to the town hall.